Sábados Grand Traverse

Sábados Grand Traverse

November 28 @ 10:00 am
Sábados Grand Traverse

Sábados Grand Traverse: A Weekly Family Walk/Run To Support Active-For-Life Kids

In partnership with the Traverse City Track Club, Running Fit, Northwestern Michigan College, Grand Traverse County Health and Wellness, and Michigan Runner Girl, Sábados Grand Traverse (SGT) is a family-friendly walking/running group at the Civic Center during the shoulder season where we get outside with friends, walk/run around in circles on the track, and have FUN.

November and December can be grim but together we’ll encourage each other to get out and walk/run as a family for 7 consecutive Saturdays for a good cause, Norte’s Youth Scholarship Fund.


We walk/run every Saturday morning after Iceman until the New Year’s Day Frozen Rabbit Race. SGT starts November 14th.


Meet at the Civic Center Wheelhouse at 10:00 AM.


Everyone. All ages and abilities are welcome.

More information and sign-up options, here! Just $60/family!

Get Out and Stay Active Responsibly 

As we head into the holidays, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) strongly recommends continued effort to stop the spread. The following steps need to be taken together for the best protection.
  • Health Check – Self monitor and stay home if you’re feeling sick.
  • Socialize Outside – You have up to 20 times higher risk of getting sick inside. If you do get together inside, include no more than two households and limit time inside together.
  • Wear a mask – Take it off when you eat or drink, then put it back on, even outside.
  • Physically Distanced – Keep six feet apart as much as you can.
  • Keep it Down – When possible, keep voices down. Higher volumes can increase COVID transmission by 30 times.
  • Wash Hands – Wash hands regularly. 20 seconds with soap and water.