Spring Break Bike Mechanics Class

Spring Break Bike Mechanics Class

March 27 @ 03:00 pm
Spring Break Bike Mechanics Class

Knowing how to maintain and fix your bicycle is the BEST! Understanding basic bicycle maintenance and repair is a lifelong skill that gives you the knowledge, confidence, and independence to venture further and have more fun.

The Solution offers a variety of engaging 90-minute classes for people of all ages and levels of bike know-how (or know-not how).

This educational series is designed to progress participants from zero knowledge to advanced skills. Ideally, classes will be done in order but if you already have the skills to say, skip the 101 /102 classes and go right to 201/202, you’re welcome to do that but instructors will assume participants know all beginner skills when teaching the intermediate/advanced skill classes.

Classes offered to upper elementary, middle school and high school students:

101 –  Basic

  • Shop and tool orientation
  • Bicycle anatomy
  • ABC quick check
  • Get to know your tires and floor pump

102 – Basic

  • Sun’s out, wheels out!
  • Nuts about QR’s
  • Brake pad care
  • Sparkle-clean bike

201 – Beginner

  • Fix a Flat
  • Tube replacement & patching

202 – Beginner

  • C2ShiningC: Chains to Cables
  • Chain dissection
  • Cables and housing, cable maintenance

301 and 401 Courses coming soon

Student Class Schedule:

Spring Break Classes:

Morning classes: 10-11:30 am

Afternoon classes: 3-4:30 pm

  • Monday
    • Morning class: 101 for 4/5th graders
    • Afternoon class: 101 for middle schoolers
  • Tuesday
    • Morning class: 102 for 4/5th graders
    • Afternoon class: 102 for middle schoolers
  • Wednesday
    • Morning class: 101 & 102 for high schoolers
    • Afternoon class: 201 for middle schoolers
  • Thursday
    • Morning class: 201 for 4/5th graders
    • Afternoon class: 202 for middle schoolers
  • Friday
    • Morning class: 101 for 4/5th graders
    • Afternoon class: 101 & 102 for high schoolers

April Classes:

After school 4-5:30pm at the Wheelhouse

  • Wednesday, April 3:  101 & 102 for high schoolers
  • Wednesday, April 10: 102 for 4th/5th graders
  • Wednesday, April 17: 202 for middle Schoolers
  • Wednesday, April 24:  202 for high schoolers

Summer Classes:

Coming soon!


  • Norte Wheelhouse


Helpful Information:

  • Bring a bike, or let us know ahead of time if you need to borrow one.
  • Wear clothes that can get dirty.
  • Class size is limited to five (5) participants.
  • The Wheelhouse is our awesome new old building on the north side of the Civic Center Park. The nearest parking lot is at the Civic Center. From there, you’ll have to walk or roll.

Every Solution participant will also receive:

  • A sweet Norte tube patching kit! Why not recycle your tube?!

Program requirements:

  • A positive attitude and a willingness to learn awesome things


  • Online HERE or in person at the Clubhouse.

Need more details? Email ben@elgruponorte.org, call 231-883-2404 or stop by the Clubhouse 9-5 PM weekdays.