Suttons Bay Community and School Walking Audit

Suttons Bay Community and School Walking Audit

Nov 7 @ 4:30 pm
Suttons Bay Community and School Walking Audit

As part of Suttons Bay Strong, Norte is working with community partners on identifying programs and infrastructure to support safe routes to school in Suttons Bay. We want to help make walking, biking, and rolling to school safer, easier, and more fun. In order to that, we need community input.

As part of the process, we are completing the steps needed to satisfy potential infrastructure grants, like the Safe Routes to School program. In addition to online surveys, we also need to conduct a walking audit.


A walking audit is an all feet on the ground, clipboards in hand walking and biking assessment of a street or route. Norte will lead a walking audit on Thursday, November 7th at 4:30 PM. We will begin in front of the elementary school and walk in small groups to the Suttons Bay Library on a fun route.

When: November 7, 4:30 – 6 PM
Where: Meet in front of the elementary school
What: Plan for 20-30 minute walk in small teams. We will gather observations and images for completing a walk audit checklist, shown below. Norte will then lead a discussion on what we learned and where we go from here.

This will be an opportunity for parents, students, staff, and administration to assess safety for walking, biking and rolling.  After the walk, we will gather at the library for debriefing and to discuss possible improvements for the route. Would traffic calming be effective? Were there crosswalks and sidewalks? Were they accessible to people with disabilities? How was the lighting?

Can’t make the walking audit? Get involved here: