Walk or Roll for Fantastic Fridays

Walk or Roll for Fantastic Fridays

November 12 @ 07:00 am

Walk or Roll for Fantastic Fridays

Are you ready?

Fantastic Fridays are a weekly celebration of students walking and rolling to school in northern Michigan. Fantastic Fridays are super easy, super fun community actions to encourage elementary and middle school students to actively move themselves to school. One Friday at a time, we hope to create a walking, biking culture in our schools and community. 

Walk with us, beginning Friday, September 10 until the snow starts falling on November 19. 


If you’re a student, invite a classmate and commit to being awesome by walking, biking, or rolling to school every Friday. If you’re a parent, how many neighborhood kids can you inspire and encourage? If you have a drive to school, consider a park and stroll option — it all counts. 

  • Ideas on what should be done to make your school more walkable/bikeable? Spots for Park & Stroll locations? Routes for bike trains or walking buses? What safety concerns do you see around your school? How can we better encourage and empower more kids to actively get themselves to your school?
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  • Enhanced concentration in class
  • Reduced traffic congestion near schools
  • Strengthened cognitive acuity
  • An elevated sense of community

The more of us who walk and roll to school (and work) also benefits the community with safer streets, cleaner air, and more quality time with friends and family. 

Join us!