Pro Walk/Pro Bike Advocacy

Advocating for more people on bicycles in Traverse City:

  • TC Rides – Weekly community slow ride to promote an active lifestyle and create awareness for people on bikes in Traverse City.
  • TC Bike Valet – Provides professional bike parking services at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market, National Cherry Festival, Traverse City Film Festival and other community events.
  • El Barrio Bike Fix – A bike-powered, mobile bike shop and pizza fueled community bike fix event at the Clubhouse. 
  • TC Bike Month – May is for bikes in Traverse City.
  • The Clubhouse – Norte!’s home at the Civic Center that also houses Traverse City’s community bike shop.
  • Bike Night at The Bijou – Yay for mucho bicycles at our bike-tastic community theater.
  • TC Bike Life – A story series featuring ordinary people doing ordinary things on their bicycles that aims to create awareness for the growing presence of people on bicycles in Traverse City.
  • Bike Happy Pop-ups – Free coffee and bike tune ups. High fives, too.
  • La Fiesta – Annual celebration of people on bicycles in Traverse City.
  • Advocacy Grupo – Connecting awesome people passionate about best practice walk/bike infrastructure, forward thinking policy and smart community design for a more walkable, bikeable, livable Traverse City.