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Bike Valet

Norte is excited to continue bringing bike valet parking services to the Grand Traverse region.

Our valet allows awesome people who arrive by bike to park like rock stars. No need to stress about where to park the car. Our bike valet is convenient, easy, fast and fun. 

Much more than just parking bikes, our bike valet is an important community outreach opportunity for Norte.

We use the valet to encourage and empower Northern Michigan residents and visitors to go by bicycle to help make our town a little bit more awesome. It also helps fund our youth-focused, bike-centric programming including our area-wide Safe Routes To School initiative.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You ride your bike to the valet.
  2. Give us your bike and we’ll give you one of our snazzy Pokemon turned valet stub. Put the Pokemon in your pocket. Don’t lose it.
  3.  Go do your thing. We’ll watch your bike. Don’t worry.
  4. Return to the valet. Give us your Pokemon and get your bike back.
  5. Pedal home and give yourself a pat on the back for going by bike and helping Northern Michigan be a little bit more awesome.

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