Norte Wheelhouse Donor List

Thank you to these awesome people for supporting the new Norte Wheelhouse:

Meg & Glen Ackerman
Janis Adams
Nate Alger
Paula Anderson and Scott Pyles
Stephen Andriese
Gary and Mimi Appel
Robin and David Appleford
Meg and Glen Ackerman
Katherine Armstrong
Diane and Matt Arnold
Judy and Paul Arnold
Erica Austin
Bret Bachert
John and Anna Bachman
Angela Ballmer
Karen Barnwell
Dorie and Brian Barsheff
Kim Bazemore
Shannon and Zach Beery
Chelsea and Jason Berg
Tyler Bevier
Marika and Adam BeVier
Janice and Steve Beyer
Joseph Beyer
Sarah and Karl Bielman
Charlie and Sarah Black
Bryan Boettcher
Zach and Jen Boivin
Julie Boss
Edward and Jeanine Bottrell
Jen and Matt Bourdo
Barbara and Harry Boyce
Chris and Amy Branco
Daniel O’Neil and Maura Brennan
Glen Ruczynski and Ali Bridson
John Brostrom
Rick and Kathy Brown
Steve and Connie Brown
Drew and Emily Buchholz
Susan and Steve Bulger
Adam and Andrea Burks
Debbie Burley
Jamie and Tony Burley
Tom and Ashley Burpee
Marcus Bush
Colin and Jeannie Bushong
Brian Buysse
Susan and Charles Cady
Polly Carlton
Matt Carlton
Cynthia Carlton
Peter Carlton
Kathy Carlton-Beh
Hattie Christie
Sara Cockrell
Doug and Sue Coffin
Marty and Betsy Colburn
Joe and Rose Coleman
Beth Collins
Nancy and Dave Colliver
Miller Energy Company
Jim and Amy Coneset
Local #498 and Signatory Contractors
Ruth Coons
James Cotant
Janice Cotant
Joseph Cotant
Michael Cotant
Thomas Cotant
Bill Couzens
Casey and Dana Cowell
Steve Crigier
Rutger Dahlstrom
Sandy Daley
Bill and Dea Danly
Heath and Clarissa Day
Maellen DeBruyn
Michael and Mandy DeBruyn
Ken DeCan
Noah Degen
Sarah DeKett
Elizabeth Dell
Joe DeSpelder
Ann DeVogel
Chris and Paul Deyo
Kaitlyn Burns and Max Dickinson
chris Doering
Ronald Doering
Christie and Bob Dompierre
Betsy and Steve Duede
Michael Dundon
Diana and Matt Durren
Anna Ellis
Katie Emerine
Martha and Brad Eshbaugh
John Failor
The Patrick Cotant and Polly Carlton family
Charlie O’Hearn and family
Michael Naughton and Amy Peterson family
Laurie and Melzar Coulter and family
The Beth and Wayne Guntzviller family
Curt Cummins and Paula Colombo family
Woodworth Family
The Shumar Family
Mike Grant and TJ Andrews Family
Nate Farran
Judith Finneren
Laura Flikkema
Iggy Fly
Darryl Forintos
Sara Freeland
Elizabeth Kogel Fund
Hildy Gasser and Brian Grossnickle
Mark and Karen Gerlando
Kyna Getsinger
Tracy, Nicholas, William and Nathan Gibbons
Pat and Katie Gibson
Chris Gladieux
Debra and Greg Graetz
David Griffin
Solveig Gustafson
Dave and Krista Haapala
Brad and Marie Hahn
Tracy Halasinski
Vicki Hall
Abbigail Hamilton
Charlie Hamlyn
Steven Hanna
Jay and Heather Harrington
Lauren and Matt Harris
Paul Hartmann
Leanne Hartmann
Nathan Hartmann
Jody and DC Hayden
Laurie and Scott Hebert
Jennifer Henbest
Carrie Henry
Kim Hetherington
Heather Hettinger
Scott Hickey
Chris Hill
Fen and Ira Hill
Karen and David Hilt
Shari and Mike Hintz
Chris Hinze
Steven and Kathyrn Holl
Gary Howe
Carole Howland
Jim and Diana Huckle
Gary Ishmael
T Michael and Joan Jackson
Allison and Gary Jonas
Allison and Gary Jonas
Heidi and Ian Jones
Sara Kane
Virginie and William Kanner
Claire and Jesse Karner
Kayla, Steve and Fulton Six
Caroline and Mark Kennedy
Scott Kentner
Jean Kermode
Sean Kickbush
Kathryn Klein
Leonard and Constance Klein
Kyle and Sheena Konas
Emily Kotula
Will Kramer
Jeri Kring
Amy and Jason Kudary
Karen Kuehlhorn
BJ Ingwersen and Mary Kuhn
Curtis Kuo
Maro LaBlance
David Laughter
Rob Lee
Ryan and Heather Lee
Carrie Liebrock
Jennifer Liedel
Ryan and Des Linden
Ali Lopez
Stephie and Greg Luyt
Kyle MacDermaid
Traci MacDonald
Glen and Tracie MacPherson
Dan and Kara Madion
Tom Mair and Susan Odgers
Melanie and Eric Mannix
Mary and Pete Mantei
Ben Marentette
Melissa and Chip Marentette
Tim Mastbergen
Stephanie and Lee Mathewson
Susie and Scott McBride
Jennifer McCain
Leah and Chandler McCallum
Steve McCollum
Tara McCormick
Priscilla McFall
Jenny McGregor
Nikki McHugh
Michelle Mercer
Brynn Michelich
Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association
Brad and Nan Miller
Beth Milligan
Rob and Renee Mittelstaedt
Susan Moore
Casey Moore
Kwin Morris
James Morse
Mark Mueller
Brigid Mullinix
Marley Navin
Wendy and Todd Neinhouse
In honor of Cody Sovis and Sara Nestor
Cari Noga and Michael Henderson
Christi and Steve Nowak
Mary and Larry Nykerk
Tom O’Brien
Tom and Alissa O’Hagan
Erica and John O’Hearn
Shannon and Eric Olshove
Bob and Laura Otwell
MaryLee Pakieser
Kate and Andrew Parvel
Muriel Peaver
Nan Perez
Doug Petersen
Gary Plum
Kelly Primo
Shannon and Derk Pronger
Brian and Kathy Pugh
Tim and Stacey Pulliam
Mary Ravary
Richard and Julie Raven
Michelle Reardon
Jenny and Doug Reid
Sarah Rewold
Dan Reynolds
Nancy Reye
Margaret and Jon Robinson
Ken Rose
Carla and David Rosier
Katie Miller and Joel Roskamp
Bernie Rubin
Anthony Rupard
Katie Sabo
Wilfred and Kirsten Saldanha
Brian Beauchamp and Sarna Salzman
Diane Samarasinghe
Kris Galoci and Nils Sandin
Ed Sandri
Jane Sandri
Rachel and Brennan Sang
Christina and Joe Sanok
Dr. Dan Sarya
Ty and Johanna Schmidt
Johanna Schmidt
Andrew and Beth Schmitt
Trevor and Katie Schmitz
Chad Schrader
Carly Schultz
Christian, Carly, and Sawyer Schultz
Holly and Aaron Schurg
Luke and Anne Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Tim and Gail Schwartz
Dave Scott
Dave “Sunset” Scott
Josh Scott
Susan Shaening
Al and Marjorie Siefert
Jill and Andy Sill
Jeanne Sinclair
Bill Skaff
Christine Skibowski
Jim Sluyter
Wes and Renee Sovis
Emilie and Dan Spalla
Kate Sterken
Anthony Stewart
Jason and Alison Stuart
Ada Takacs
Kristen and Gabe Talaga
Andrea Tarry
Dave and Lisa Taylor
Tad Taylor
Rachael Franks Taylor
Barb Tholin
Mollie Thomas
Matt and Jenny Thomas
Barbara Thompkins
Jill and Bryan Thompson
David Tietz
Toni Toll
Mike Trahey
Mitchell Treadwell
Jen and Drew Tursman
Jen and Bryan Ulbrich
Bill and Jessica Unger
Matt and Judy Vadja
Donna and Andy Valdmanis
Jordan Valdmanis
Sally Van Vleck
Mark and Suzanne VanderKlipp
Wade VanHouzen
Sarah Vano
Catherine Veeser
Sue Vincent
Kevin Vincent
Brian Vincent
Timothy Werner and Petra Von Kulajta
James Walker
Kira and Darian Walkup
Ashlea and Chris Walter
Jason Walter
Emily Walters
Jeff and Jennie Wentzloff
Kate White
William and Anna White
Jason and Arianne Whittaker
Andy and Alicia Wier
Stephanie and Josh Wilson
Sue Wind
Susan and Doug Wipperman
Lisa Wolf
Dan Worth
Jordan and Jennifer Yeatts
Meaghan Zammit
Jerry Zeits
Josh Zelinski
Linda and Jim Zeratsky
Aaron Zuelke
The Wheelhouse will allow Norte to do better – to reach our bike-loving arms wider to not only physically transform a very visible corner in Traverse City but to help weave a culture of health into our community so we can be our best – our healthiest.

Please support the Wheelhouse today to join this list of awesome people who believe in happy, healthy, ready to learn kids.

All donors, whether it’s a $10 or $1,000 gift, will be invited to a pre-grand opening celebration on August 28th.