Winter Bike Share


Traverse City’s only winter bike share program is now open for its third season. When most cities, like Philly (wimps!), shut down their programs for the winter, we will only open ours when the snow flies. Winter has come early this year so we thought we’d better open our Bike Share early, too.

We currently have 5 bikes in the fleet. They aren’t the prettiest rides but they get the job done. They’re perfect for a quick rip to the library or store. Ideal for a trip downtown to see a movie or to grab a bite. These bikes are also great to help out with our bike-powered snowplowing project or to join is on Winter Bike To Work (or School!) Day.

Nope. They don’t have fancy 4 inch tires but they do ride fine in the snow. These bikes will get you to where you are going. Don’t trash your nice bike. Ride one of our beaters instead. We’re pretty sure that beater bikes make the best winter bikes.

The TC Winter Bike Share is a free service. Yes, free! We only ask that you take care of the bike and return within 7 days in the same condition as when you took it. Be good to our bikes and they will be good to you.

Should you have a mountain bike that functions but you don’t need anymore please consider donating it to our fleet. We’ll take good care of it and give a rad new life as a TC Winter Beater Bike. Email us at

Happy Winter Riding! Don’t take those corners too hot. Have fun and enjoy the snow.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike Winter TC.