Winter More, Northern Michigan!


Winter in Northern Michigan Traverse City is for embracing. Not complaining about 😉

  • Ride to See the Lights – Join Norte for a short but sweet and awfully slow wintery community bicycle ride through our Traverse City neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights.
  • Winter Walk Wednesdays – A weekly celebration of people walking to work, school or just for fun during Northern Michigan’s coldest months.
  • Traverse City Advocate Academy – A grassroots, community-driven effort aimed at empowering residents to be more effective active transportation champions in Northern Michigan.
  • A Clear Path To Health – Crowd-sourced project to keep our neighborhood sidewalks, curb cuts, bus stops and pedestrian bridges clear to keep Northern Michiganders moving.
  • The Big Dig – Neighbors helping neighbors who need help shoveling their residential sidewalk.
  • Winter Walk With A Doc – Inspired by Details soon.
  • Christmas Tree by Bike – Bike-powered delivery of your Christmas tree to the City’s recycling drop site at Hull Park.
  • TC Bike Plow – Bike-powered snow clearing initiative keeping neighborhood sidewalks and trails awesome.
  • Winter Bike To Work + School Day – Riding your bike to work and school during the winter is a thing here in Northern Michigan. We inspired the world last year and we’re going to do it again in 2019.