Winter Bike to Work & School Day

Older man winter biking in the snow.

Join us in celebrating the all-year enjoyment of bicycles and help make Northern Michigan the Winter Bike Champion of the world.

Winter Bike to Work Day is an international celebration of getting around on two snow and cold wheels. It falls annually on the second Friday of February. This year we ride on February 12. First thing, Commit to Ride at

We will ride together, apart, all over Northern Michigan on February 12.

Due to COVID-19, many of you may be working or schooling at home. That won’t stop us from getting out for a little spin. Hopefully, we cross paths out there and can send a quick wave and ding-ding.


  • Step 1: Commit to Ride at
  • Step 2: Tell your friends! #BikeNoMi
  • Step 3: Ride on February 12. Anytime. Anywhere. Just ride.

We’ll be updating everyone as the date nears with special incentives and announcements.

Now get out and practice! The best way to become a better winter biker is to ride your winter bike more. Just remember to dress warm, take it a bit slower, make those turns wide, and keep smiling.

And don’t forget to stop by any one of these shops for a free cup of coffee:



Don’t forget to commit!

And once you’ve committed, help us spread the word by sharing one of our digital pins: