How To Volunteer at Winter Vasa Domingos

Winter Vasa Domingos are weekly, family-friendly group skis that happen every Sunday through the winter at the Timber Ridge Resort.

Thank you for helping to make these skis great!

A reminder that Vasa Domingos are:

  • Welcoming. Always.
  • Inclusive. All ages. All abilities.
  • Fun. Never boring.

And they are not:

  • A guided ski. Nope. They’re a group family skis on marked courses.
  • A race. Don’t require fancy skis or spandex either.

How volunteering with Vasa Domingos works:

  • Please arrive to the Timber Ridge Resort Lodge by 11:40
  • Grab the official Vasa Domingos clipboard with maps and sign-in sheets.
  • Welcome the families! Super important. Let them know how it works. Have them sign in!
  • Assist with anyone needing rental equipment.  Someone from the Vasa Ski Club will be there to help with this process.
  • Make sure that rental equipment is put back in proper place after completion of each program.
  • Explain the routes to new families using maps on the clipboard.
  • Winter Vasa Domingos offer 3 distances:
    • Campground loop around Timber Ridge for our youngest skiiers
    • 3-4K Out and back from TR on Vasa towards power lines.
    • 6K Vasa loop for advanced skiiers (not marked!)
  • Start the ski on time.
  • Everyone skis out together.
  • We 100% support kids who know their way and have the necessary skills to ski alone/sans adult but parents must ride with their child if not.
  • It isn’t necessary to sweep trails/wait for everyone to return.
  • Make sure we clean-up anything in Timber Ridge that was the results of Vasa Domingo’s
  • Take a photo of new names and email us at or text us at 231-883-2404. Return clipboard. Give Timber Ridge staffer a high five for supporting kids on skis!
  • That’s it. THANK YOU!

Sign up to volunteer HERE.

Learn more about our the Vasa Ski Club HERE.