Bike To School Fridays

Norte_BTSchool Bleed

NORTE!’s Bike to School Fridays is sort of like National Bike to School Day except it happens every week. More High Fives too.

Biking to school can reduce traffic congestion and air-polluting emissions while promoting a safe, well-connected community. It’s also a scientific fact that biking to school can make you happier, smarter and healthier. So let’s commit to taking the awesome way to school each and every Friday. Yes, even through the winter!

New this year is the B2SFri Challenge. It’s a year long event to promote more riding to school in Traverse City. Be awesome. Bike to school. Win stuff from local businesses.

Biking to school is easy. And FUN! Invite a classmate/friend and pedal together or hop on one of our N!YC Bike Trains:

The Eastern Elementary Express
The Central Grade Zephyr
The Montessori Trolley
The Willow Hill Comet

NORTE! is aiming to build a network of Bike Trains throughout Traverse City so if you’re an awesome mom/dad/person and interested in forming a new train, let us know by emailing

Take some photos of you and your buddies biking to school. Or maybe strap on mom’s GoPro and show us your Awesome Way.

The more kids that bike to school, the better Traverse City will be.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.

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