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Chronology of bike rides in 2023

Every year in January, a new season of cycling starts in the world. It is considered an incredible event in the sports world. Every year millions of athletes, spectators, sponsors, and fans gather in the same places. Their main goal is to enjoy their favorite sport.

Someone needs to break their record, someone just cannot live without their favorite athlete, and someone needs to look once to fall in love immediately. In the new season, we are waiting for a lot of incredible events.

Cycling origin history began a long time ago

In the traditional discipline, races must be held on highways. The rules also provide for a closed or open track, rough terrain, or dirt road. Road races were held in the late 70s of the 19th century for the first time. The countries that first accepted such cycling events were France and England. After some time, the European contingent filled this sport. Road racing has remained preferred here.

England quickly switched to tracks. All this happened because of the poor condition of the roads in the UK. After twenty years of active growth and development, this discipline has received a great level of recognition. Moreover, cycling has been added to the program of the Olympic Games. For more than a hundred years there has been the International Cycling Union – UCI.

Bike racing types

There are four main types of cycling races worldwide – the classic one-day, the criterium, the multi-day, and the Grand Tour.

Type Time Distance Track coverage Examples
Classic one-day 1 day 16-160 km Paving stones, gravel Milan — San Remo, Tour of Flanders, Ghent — Wevelgem
Criterium 1 day 65-120 km Paving stones, gravel Group circuit race in the city
Multi-day 3 days – 1 week 100 km Paving stones, gravel Paris — Nice, Criterium Dauphine, Tirreno – Adriatico
Grand Tour 3 week multi-day 4000-4800 km City roads France – Tour de France – July

Italy – Giro d’Italia – May

Spain – Vuelta an Espana – September


International Cycling Union revealed the Grand Tours 2023

The world has finally begun to recover from the shocking wave of the coronavirus. An unforeseen virus developed rapidly and carried a very great danger. For this reason, the decision has been made to cancel most sporting events in 2020-2022.

The 2023 season was decided to be held without any doubt. All sponsors, spectators, and the athletes themselves are already very bored. In 2023, the 110th Tour de France, the 106th Giro d’Italia, and the 78th stage of the Vuelta an España will take place.

Speaking of significant events, the following should be noted: the 110th Tour de France would begin on July 1, be held in Bilbao, and end in Paris in 24 days.

The 106th Giro d’Italia would start on May 6 in Abruzzo – initially, there will be a 19 km race on a flat road, and a short climb awaits the participants at the finish line. In turn, the 78th stage of the Vuelta an España would begin on August 26 in Barcelona with a 14-kilometer time trial. The finish will be in the Catalan capital Montjuic on September 17th.

2023 brings many bike races around the world

In addition to the events of the Grand Tour, in the upcoming season, we would have a very incredibly large number of cycling races. They will be held in Australia, Argentina, Oman, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Date Event Location Routes
February 20 UAE Tour Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 7 stages
March 18 Milano Sanremo Milan, Italy 291 km
April 9 Amstel Gold Race Maastricht, Netherlands 250 km
April 29 Eschborn-Frankfurt Eschborn-Frankfurt, Germany 217 km
May 28 RideLondon Essex 100 London, UK 200 km
August 23 Benelux Tour Breda, Netherlands 7 stages


This list can be continued indefinitely. The number of events for the coming year exceeds the figure of 40. It is incredible how long fans and athletes have been waiting for the revival of sports competitions. Very soon we will have the opportunity to see the spectacularity and beauty of this discipline.